Hometown Curse hats now available

Author: Petrine TX

The latest Hometown Curse have been available for around a week now and I'm incredibly proud of them. This is definitely the highest quality cap I've ever put out and I've been putting them out for 8 years now. If you haven't seen them yet, it's a navy cap with a special orange pentagram Hometown Curse logo embroidered on the front, "SCREWICIDAL" printed under the brim, and with a special edition gold "FUCK 12" sticker on top of the brim. There's also a satin Petrine TX/Saigon Drugs tag on the inner sweatband. Pick it up here.

I put out my very first hat 8 years ago and it was total shit, but people still loved it. I was still learning how to make art for embroidery, about the different types of materials for hats, and even how to pack and ship orders. If I got hat orders within 5 miles of my house, I would pack the orders up in my backpack and ride my bike around Houston dropping them off in people's mailboxes and on their front porches to save money on shipping. I hadn't bought a shipping scale yet and, because I was in college, I could never make it to the post office on time and on top of that, I didn't have a legit business so I couldn't get any commercial shipping discounts. I also couldn't figure out how to get the gold stickers made after looking everywhere I could so I bought circular gold Avery labels, designed the sticker artwork in Illustrator, and printed them out on my home inkjet printer. Again, the hat was shit but it sold and it taught me so much about how to do things and, more importantly, how to not do things. Here's a picture of that first hat:

 I've been working on some new shit even though the hats practically just came out. My most important goal right now is to finish the printed zine for Saigon Drugs. Each zine will come with at least 2 sticker sheets, which I'm incredibly excited to finish. I'm also putting the final touches on some t-shirts, though I don't think I'll release those until we get COVID-19 figured out and the world is running again. Well, until AMERICA gets its shit figured out and can finally start getting people off ventilators and out of hospital beds. My friends and business partners in Hong Kong and Taiwan ask me why the USA is going to shit and I try to tell them, but they don't understand why people are acting the way they do out here. Occasionally they'll run across an article mentioning how California or Los Angeles is the global epicenter of the epidemic and they ask me how "bad" it is out here. They're imagining the streets are completely empty and the businesses are closed and nothing is moving, kinda like what Vietnam looked like in January, but I have to tell them it's the complete opposite and that's probably why we're so fucked; people are walking around with their friends, visiting their friends' houses, going to restaurants, and even going on fucking road trips and vacations even though we have the highest death and infection rate in the world right now. I've only been leaving the house about once a week for the past 5 months now and honestly I don't give a fuck anymore. I live 2 blocks from a grocery store and a Carl's Jr. and Yoshinoya so I'm set; those are the only places I've been to for months and I don't care anymore because, honestly, I love staying home and eating bone-in ribeye (when they have it at the grocery store) and wings (there's also a shortage of these most of the time) and Carl's Jr. Famous Stars and Yoshinoya combo bowls (even though they're disgusting, but I'm also disgusting) while watching Beavis and Butt-head reruns in my living room. Well, I take that back. I kinda do care about not being able to go to Jumbo's anymore. And all the tattoo appointments I had months ago were postponed until this shit is safe again, which is still to be determined. And I kinda miss rubbing elbows with normies at Saddle Ranch just for kicks when I'm bored. And goddamn I miss getting dinner at Sunset Towers. Alright, well maybe I do give a fuck...

I give a fuck but I've lost all hope that anyone or organization or government entity can get this clusterfuck in order. I see people not wearing masks on the sidewalk every day. I see shoppers and employees at the grocery store not wearing their masks properly. I see people waiting for the bus and I know it's impossible for that amount of them to properly social distance on that thing. But I can't think that way all day long. I work from home while eating cheeseburgers and watching cartoons so it can definitely be worse.