Evidence that Paris Hilton restores antique radios

Author: Petrine TX

All my friends know that if I had the chance to meet God and get the answer to only one question, ANY question I could ever want to ask, I would only want to know one thing: does Paris Hilton restore vintage radio equipment and operate a HAM radio as hobbies? I have been thinking about this for over 5 years.

Well, now there is a second question I would like answered: why did Paris Hilton delete a video of her making banana bread from all of her social media platforms?

Before we get into the banana bread fiasco, let's start with some evidence that touches upon her interest in radios and my obsession with finding the truth. 

(screenshot taken from the Red Wave Radio message board)

It all begins with this post on June 21, 2006 on a little-known amateur radio enthusiast message board. The post reads:

"Was that Paris Hilton at Hall of Science today enquiring for a ham radio license?  ....However they were closed."

This may be the earliest evidence on the internet that Paris Hilton is involved in the world of amateur radio and it holds a few important details that may seem insignificant to the untrained eye. First of all, the Hall of Science is a science museum in Queens, New York that is also home to the Hall of Science Amateur Radio Club (aka HOSARC). This is the most visible place to go in New York City if you want information on how to get a HAM license.

The second most important element of this seemingly insignificant message board post is the date. June is an incredibly important date to all amateur radio broadcasters around the world because of a single event that has been going on for over 30 years: the International Amateur Radio Exhibition in Friedrichshafen. This is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, amateur radio conventions in the world. Every June, people from all over the world flock to Friedrichshafen, a city in southern Germany with a population of around 60,000, to attend exhibitions, lectures, and buy/sell/trade radio equipment.

Going back to the post from the Red Wave Radio message board, the person who supposedly witnessed Paris Hilton inquiring about a HAM radio license saw her on THAT DAY he posted the message: June 21, 2006. When was the radio convention in Friedrichshafen in 2006?

(screenshot taken from Nigel's personal website)

Boom. June 23 - 25, 2006. The convention was held 2 days after Paris Hilton was allegedly spotted in New York City's most notable building for HAM radio heads. One can easily assume that she was on her way from her home in Los Angeles to JFK in New York City to then leave for Germany, but decided to stop in NYC for a bit to hang with friends and maybe get approved for a call sign to operate her radio that she planned on buying at the convention. But that would all be speculation. We need to know where Paris Hilton actually was in June 2006. Thankfully, I know where she was.

(screenshot taken from Getty Images and edited due to copyright)

The caption to this photo from Getty Images reads "Cologne, GERMANY: US socialite Paris Hilton, heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune, poses during a press conference to promote her new single "Stars are blind" in Cologne, western Germany 27 June 2006." So we now know for a fact that Paris Hilton was in Germany in June 2006. But that could just be coincidence. The convention was in Friedrichshafen on June 23 - June 25, but we only know that Paris was in Cologne on June 27. It DOES make incredible sense that she purposely planned her stint in Germany to include a stop in Friedrichshafen for the convention first and then booked some promotional stops in Cologne after the convention, but we have no idea if she had even been to Friedrichshafen that June.

Actually, we might.

(screenshot taken from reddit)

This Reddit post from a thread titled "Nicest Celebrity you've ever met?" details an encounter the user had with Paris Hilton. This wasn't a typical run-in with Paris at the Grove that everyone here in LA has encountered. This person ran into Paris in Germany. Not only that, but according to the story, Paris mentioned buying "some old radio bits" at "some show in Freidrichshafen (sic)". The story also mentions Paris talking about going to radio and air shows across Europe in her spare time. Though this post was dated June 2012, the event at which it occurred may have very well occurred in 2006, or perhaps Paris has been going to these radio and air shows for years and the Reddit user happened to run into her on one of her European tours. Can this still be coincidence? Or does Paris really love antique radios?

I have explained a little about the world of amateur radio and some people's encounters with Paris Hilton in this post, but I haven't produced any evidence about Paris' personal life. When she's home, what does she actually do for fun? Is she actually sitting in a room with a headset on, radio on her desk with a microphone on its stand, and her hands turning knobs and pushing buttons? We may never truly know. Except maybe we can.

 (Screenshot taken from MeanStars)

This screenshot taken from MeanStars, a celebrity gossip website, is dated 2012. A contributor who claims that their step sister worked for Paris added a reply with some points of Paris' personal habits. The first thing that they mentioned is the only thing I care about, which reads as follows:

"Paris has a room full of vintage radios from ww2 aircraft and the like. She restores them. When not 'socialising' she spends most of her time locked up in that room doing God-knows what to these radios. There is always a smell of burning coming from the room. Nobody is allowed in."

This reply was suspiciously dated June 2012, the same month and year that the previous Reddit post about meeting Paris in Germany was posted. But is it really that suspicious? Is it really all just an elaborate lie? Or maybe this is all still coincidence? I don't know. And it kills me.

But now, another puzzle emerges and kills me even more.

On July 6, 2020, Paris posted this video of her making banana bread across her various media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. In the video, she puts on a pair of gloves (which she calls "sliving gloves" from her latest invented slang "sliving," which means "slaying mixed with living my best life. I am sliving, sliving it, sliving my best life, sliving single," according to her interview with E! in 2019), cracks some eggs, smashes some nanners, and bakes the thing in her June Oven gifted to her from her boyfriend. (I want one of those ovens, by the way.)

By July 11, 2020, they were gone. All references to the video were deleted from all of her public accounts. But why? All of her other cooking videos are still online. 

Like this one where she makes a burger.



Or this one where she cooks with Chef Ming Tsai.



Or this one where she makes lasagna.



But nowhere to be found is the video of her making banana bread. Was the video posted too early? Did she lose a sponsor for some reason because of it? Did she breach some sort of contract by posting it? 

Like the questions I have about Paris' involvement in antique radio, these questions about her banana bread may never be answered. Deep down  in my heart, I truly believe that Paris knows something that we don't know. She knows something about radios and banana bread and she's hiding it from us. And truly, if I could meet God and ask him one question, I just want to know what she is hiding. What are her secrets?

If you have any information in regards to Paris Hilton and her relations to antique radio equipment and banana bread, please contact me using this webform or hit me up on Instagram and Twitter. Any information helps. Thanks.